ARC Studios, Inc. is a professional Landscape Architecture firm with offices in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.  Formerly, TMHS Associates, ARC Studios, Incorporated (ARC) was created in January 2006 through corporate restructuring to better reflect the changes in ownership.  The principals and staff remained in place in the restructuring, thereby maintaining the integrity and quality of professional Landscape Architectural services established by TMHS in 1990.  In 2006, ARC Studios acquired an accomplished Phoenix, Az. firm, Chris Winters & Associates (CWA).  The acquisition of CWA provides ARC Studios the ability to better address a broader client base, with added experienced personnel, while serving our clients within an expanded urban and regional context. CWA shares in ARC Studios goals, excellence in performance and dedication to quality assurance.

ARC Studios reputation has been maintained through the kiln of economic challenges and is predicated on providing value and efficient, professional Landscape Architectural services without compromising design or creativity.  ARC Studios considers every project a distinct opportunity to create meaningful environments and team relationships through thoughtful design, by drawing on our shared cultural, artistic and professional experiences.

Firm Philosophy

The primary objective on every project, regardless of size, is to satisfy the uniquely individual needs and requirements of our client by providing quality, well established, creative design and project management services.  ARC Studios incorporates architecture, science and ecology to integrate design, cultural and environmental conditions, to promote social interaction and memorable living environments.  ARC Studios is dedicated to quality control, economic and efficient business practice, accomplished through creating a business team atmosphere of open communication, cooperation and uncompromised integrity.

Design Philosophy

Integration of the human and environmental conditions, encouraging healthy interaction by creating thoughtfully responsive and appropriate living environments; environments which promote an enhancement of the quality of life needs of our Arizona and Southwest community.